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Dan Fichter
Dan Fichter, Owner
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Phone: (585) 485-0471

Dan Fichter has been involved in strength and conditioning for well over 20 years, Wannagetfast became a reality in his garage in the early 2000s. With Boots on the ground in the early 90’s Dan has studied closely with some of the elites in the field of physical preparation.  Dan has a very diverse education that literally spans the globe. Dan was responsible for designing and implementing speed, strength, conditioning, and mobility training programs for athletes in men’s lacrosse, alpine ski, volleyball, tennis, swimming, basketball, Football, lacrosse, and a variety of other sports. As a high school coach Dan has won 8 Sectional Titles in Track and Football and has coached numerous professional athletes, Olympians, and some of the most high-profile Hockey and Lacrosse players in the world.  

Fichter has traveled the country lecturing to numerous NFL, MLB, NHL, on speed training, strength training, and nervous system development and how to pull these elements into a comprehensive package.  At the High School level Dan teaches fundamental postural and force absorption techniques and how it easily translates into sporting prowess and bullet proofing against injuries.