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Our Facility

WannaGetFast was founded by Dan Fichter in 2002. Like most good things, WGF was a product of humble beginnings and hard work having its start in Dan’s garage. Before long, Dan was getting requests from NHL players to work on speed and agility. Twenty years and two moves later, WGF is enjoying the accolades of international attention / professional sports collaboration / and local business success.

Dan is known in the pro-athlete community to have ‘wizard level’ intuition when it comes to developing speed. He understands it on a research level that few share; he knows it as he has personally recorded a sub 4.3 (40) at a pro-combine and his mastery now drives innovation in the discipline of speed programming.

Dan’s eagerness towards development helped nurture a relationship with the owners of Pittsford Performance Care. Both parties shared a progressive understanding of human performance, realizing speed development and injury recovery can benefit from a similar approach and neurological focus.

With the help of Division I athlete and partner, Nick Marino, WGF services a unique brand of local athlete. Currently housed in a 6,000 sq. ft. freshly renovated, multi-use space in the heart of Pittsford, NY. Owners Nick and Dan have great anticipation for years ahead!